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HOW TO USE ZOOM | Video Conferencing Tutorial for Beginners

Stewart Gauld 2,026,583 views

HOW TO USE ZOOM | Video Conferencing Tutorial for Beginners

Are you looking to move your meetings or conferences online?
Today's tutorial is aimed at guiding you step by step through the video conferencing software called ZOOM. We show you how to host a meeting, use all the video conferencing features and how to join an existing meeting.

This video conferencing software is ideal for small and local businesses that are looking to shift meetings and conferences to an online environment. This allows businesses to remain productive, connected and safe during times when participants cannot be in the same room together.

ZOOM is a free video conferencing software that is simple to set up and easy to use for all skill levels. This software allows you to use your phone, tablet or computer to host or join online video conferences.

Below is what we cover in the ZOOM tutorial:

► How to use ZOOM 01:30
► How to host a meeting 02:31
► Video conferencing features 04:08
► How to join a meeting 11:14
► ZOOM Prices 13:07

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Enjoy and good luck with your online conferences and meetings!

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