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SENAM ANIMAL POP DANCE - Tainan Arts Festival 2019 -

jecko siompo 34,012 views

Even on the third day of the holiday, animal pop family young dancers moved to the venue of the show -- New Camp Culture Center / South.
The Sun is still shining in southern Taiwan. Admire these young dancers, leaving the usual rehearsal space, on the outdoor grass, the slopes, the rock, and the pool, jumping, rolling, and dancing like beasts.
Not simple, there is a drop of time to watch. Every point needs solid hard practice and self-restraint. Behind every dazzling display, there is an invisible and tears journey behind. How much to pay, how much you get, it's true, I can't lie to people.

Looking at them hard, you will remember the distant heart and fight the day of the theater. The time that is bitter and happy.

Aren't there many people who are willing to be on the road road (whether it is the actual road or real life), fall and climb again, and try to hit the wall again, try to resist the pain, adjust the fear, the limit, adjust the fear, the limit, the limit. ? Luckily I met a lot and witnessed their persistence and growth.

At the end of the day of wet and dry, red and dark, mixed with dirt, grass-wound wounds, and grind on shoe pants, I left the most "human model" Photo with these crazy, crazy dancing dancers. .

witness these hard work!

◎ 2019 Tainan Art Festival impact 《Animal Party City Zoo》 on October 19-20th at 4 pm new camp cultural center square

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