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Teach on-line with Zoom: Key settings you need to understand #teachonline #onlineteaching

Learn about all the key settings when you teach online with Zoom. Ideal for anyone planning to teach online with Zoom.

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Unfortunately there are many settings in Zoom that will affect how your online lessons works. When you teach online, you do need to have quite a bit of knowledge of the settings and how you can control what goes on on the screen. Otherwise you will get so frustrated. So the sort of things that go wrong are

1) Students can't add notes to the screen
2) All your students seem to be able to screen share
3) Students don't seem to have the chat room
4) You can't work out where Zoom has gone
5) Students seem to be able to record the session
6) You have problems controlling their audio and video
7) You don't know where the recording is
8) That chat room and participants room have completely disappeared

All of these things and many more will happen when you are teaching online and so you do need to know how to control them. There are 3 levels of setting when you are working on teaching online lessons

1) General settings for all your online teaching sessions.
2) Settings for a specific room ( for example you might be teaching young learners and want to change some of the settings, you might be teaching adults in a specific context online and need to set some specific things
3) You can actually make some changes while you are delivering an online lesson too.

What I have tried to do in this video is take you through the general settings and then the more specific ones and then finally move onto the things you might need to change while you are actually delivering your online class.

This video is rather long but I promise if you go through all these options and understand them, then you will have much more control over your lesson and have a better understanding of why you might have a certain problem. Teaching online can be quite difficult at first and you do need to get a basic understanding of some of the settings. It can make the experience much more enjoyable.

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