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Top 8 Most Popular Anime Girl Ranking (2007-2019) by Amount of Fanart

Denchi 32,314 views

Edit: The data isn't directly from pixiv, so it's sometimes not quite perfectly accurate. Some characters that were very popular might be missing because nobody re-uploaded the art to danbooru at the time.

I've recently come across a neat way to easily get all metadata from every single image ever uploaded to Danbooru (a very popular anime art/fanart archive), including tags, score, and so on. About 3.6 million images in total.
Analyzing that data, I've identified the 8 "most popular" female anime/game character for each week between March 2007 and September 2019, taking into account the amount of art posted of that character at the time and the score.
The percentage represents this "popularity score" relative to the other top 8 characters for that week. The ranking animation is custom-built in Unity. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

If you're interested in getting the dataset yourself, google "danbooru bigquery". Big thanks to the folks at Danbooru for providing this data!
Not gonna link to it directly though, since there is obviously a lot of NSFW content on there.

Did your waifu make the list? Post a timestamp!
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:::::::Music (all released under CC license):::::::

00:00 - "Vanilla Ice Cream" by DarTokki

03:35 - "Pillow Fight" by DarTokki & ZxNX

06:43 - "White Magic feat. Kagamine Rin" by Kocyamarü

09:07 - "PON DE SNAIL (Snail's House x [email protected])" by ujico* & Assertive

12:15 - "Mirakuru Fever (ft. Ninnin)" by B3LLA & Kirara Magic

15:49 - "夢のかたち (feat. Yuca)" by Elliot Hsu

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